6 days late - now spotting - neg tests - *frustrated
Anon_134652 posted:
My husband and I have been trying to conceive without any luck for the past 8 months now.

My period has been regular for years now, every 30 days.
I have been feeling pretty crappy (PMS crappy) for about 2 weeks now am now 6 days late and now have spotting. I have been crampy, feeling nauseous (not often), a bit dizzy, sore breasts (the past 2 days more soreness). I have taken multiple tests and all have been negative

I was going to call my doctor tomorrow to make an appointment but now I am thinking that my period is just going to come. How long should I wait before I call the doctor to get a blood test to confirm?

Anyone else have these symptoms and have been pregnant?

I am just so frustrated and annoyed. I hate my period!!! LOL!
jniferle responded:
I had those same symptoms as you. I even went so far as gokng to the dollar store and bought 10 pregnancy tests. I was 15 days late and madean appointment to get the blood test because all my trsts came back negative. Im sorry to say that my period did start the day before my appointment. We are still trying to no avail. I hope it comes out positive for you. Good luck.
Anon_134652 replied to jniferle's response:
Thanks! And actually my period started yesterday.. why must we go through this?!?! *sigh*