What strategies are out there?
kamilacbronx posted:
I have been diagnosed with pcos. I would like to know, what different strategies can I do to increase my chances of pregnancy.
An_250277 responded:
I too have recently been diagnosed with PCOS.

Has your Dr given you a time frame to try before going back?

There are medication options, and there are also lifestyle changes, such as if you are overweight you can start to lose weight/exercise more (I've heard for people who are slightly overweight this does help a bit with PCOS). SOme women have tried diebetic diets (lo GI), others have tried more herbal/chinese medicine approaches. It all comes down to what you want to try.

You could also try and track your ovulation by using tests and then will begin to learn more of when your most fertile periods are.

I'm only new to being diagnosed (today) so doing some research to see what I can try. Its frustrating but I hope you find ways to increase your chances.
kamilacbronx replied to An_250277's response:
Thank you for the information. I hope you succeed as well.