Conception Myths
Hyacinth Nicole Browne, MD posted:
I do tend hear a lot in my practice about different methods to enhance fertility. Some work very well, while others just have you wondering. My top three conception myths are:

1. Can I get pregnant with the pull-out method or the initial ejaculate?
Oh, yes, you can. Even if a man pulls out before ejaculation, a small amount of semen can still be expelled into the vagina during intercourse. This is because the initial ejaculate contains the most sperm. If you are not trying to get pregnant, I would not rely on the "pull-out" method to prevent conception.

2. Do men who wear tight underwear have a hard time conceiving?
Unfortunately, the answer isn't clear here. There is no conclusive evidence that wearing tight underwear makes it harder to conceive. However, normal sperm production requires a cool environment. If in doubt, switch to boxers.

3. Does lifting my legs up after intercourse increase my chances of getting pregnant?
No. Lifting your legs in the air after intercourse will not increase your chances of getting pregnant. Once sperm is deposited into the vagina, they find their way to the egg fairly quickly. However, I do recommend that women lay on their backs for 10-15 minutes after intercourse to make sure that the majority of the semen stays in the vaginal vault.

When in doubt, always ask your physician to help you with ways to enhance your fertility.