Trying to conceive but failed, Plz guide me
An_250559 posted:
I m new to this forum and using my husband login to post my query. its a very useful & informative forum. i requir your kind help regarding my problem. Its 4th month of my marriage. me and my husband love and understand eachother. I have a 26 days period cycle. some time i get my periods 5-6 days earlier, is it normal? usualy i get my periods after 20 days (excluding last period days) so is it ok? my husband had his semen analysis test a few days ago. it is given below kindly analyse it n tell me is it normal?
Volume 2.10 mL
Color Creamy White
Consistency Thick
Reaction Alkaline
Liquification 30 MIN AT 37 C
PUS Cells / WBC 8-10 / HPF
RBCs 1-2 / HPF
Epithelial Cells RARE
Sperm Count 90 MILLION / ML
Active 65%
Sluggish 10%
Dead 25%

My age is 25 years old, and my weight is 50 Kgs and health is well and fit.

Kindly check in details and guide me what we should be done to conceive a baby? I am so much excited to get pregnant but all the time failed since I married.
I would appreciate your prompt response in this regard. Thank you