Day 38 - No Period - 2 Negative Pregnancy Tests
An_250666 posted:
Since getting married 4 months ago, I've been tracking my cycle and it ranges from 32-34 days (before that, I never formally tracked it by thedays of my cycle, but it was never late to the point that I worried).

My husband and I have been trying since the beginning of the year. I have been using ovulation tests, but they've been coming back negative (I later learned that you shouldn't test with the first pee of the day - dummy me) Regardless, we were still trying during my "peak" time.
It is now day 38 and I have no period, but I've taken 2 pregnancy tests with negative results.

Is it normal to have your cycle go 38+ days? I've had no symptoms or anything that would raise a flag.

gamester123 responded:
Have you tried going to the doctors and getting a blood test? My friend took pregnancy tests for almost 3 months all negative- she did a blood test and it was positive, When she made her obgyn appt. it said she was 3 months along. Preg tests go off your HCG and if it isn't naturally high it might not show up on a test.