Maintaining a Positive Attitude
Dzshess posted:
I am 26 years old and my husband and I have been ttc for six months.

My husband is an optimist who, although he is upset about the lack of control and the time it is taking, is absolutely convinced that we will conceive soon. Every month he is sure the test will be positive.

I am losing hope. I think it was too hard to be so optimistic and so disappointed, and I have come to believe that even though we will go on trying this way for a few months before we see a specialist, we won't conceive. This has affected my sex life severely. Every time we have sex, I feel depressed because I am thinking about how we won't have a baby. I never initiate anymore, never particularly desire sex, and my husband is devastated. He thinks I am not interested in him, when really what I am not interested in is all of the build up and let down of hoping for a pregnancy every month.

What do you do to maintain a positive attitude, and to keep yourself interested in sex when it has to be planned to a particular schedule of ovulation? How do you encourage your partner and yourself - not being false and just saying things are OK when really you are depressed? How do you keep sex fresh and fun when you are trying to conceive?