What should I not be doing?
Maami1125 posted:

Me and my husband have been trying for the past 3 months. I have been diagonised with PCOD. As of now it is only 3 cms but is growing to be bigger than 4 cms which might cause a problem to conceive. So my husband and I are trying for 6 months. If I do not succeed, I will need to start on medications.

My question is this. 1. I gym thrice a week. Mostly weights and a bit of core. Is there any exercise I should avoid while trying? 2. I play and often carry my niece who is a year old. I sometime carry him for more than an hour to make him sleep and feed him etc. The last couple of months I have been getting a bit of lower back pain. Does this have any effect on me getting pregnant?

Thank you!!!