i think i might be preggo
An_251254 posted:
okay so since 2013 started ive had a pretty regular 28-29 day cycle with a period lasting about 5 days each time, ever since i can remember ive had very sore boobs, couldnt sleep, bloating, etc. well my boyfriend an I are very serious and are currently trying to get pregnant. in Feb my period started the 25 and in jan it started the 26 both lasting about 5 days with normal PMS symptoms leading up to each period. well March 25th i was expecting my period it never came, and i had no signs of pms so naturally i thought i could be pregnant and was so happy! well Easter sunday i had a brownish pink discharge on my underwear, not much but still noticeable, well that lasted about a day so on April 1st (monday) i started to notice more of a redish look like new blood so i got bummed bc i thought i was having my period, well the flow was lighter than normal and only lasted 2 days and i normally go through a lot of tampons which wasnt the case this time. And i never had sore boobs and ive been sleeping great, i still have that bloated feeling, which normally goes away by now. Ive taken two HPT both were negative, but now im thinking i took them to early...has anything like this happened to you guys? i need some advice! thanks!
natausha32 responded:
That happened to me last month, so I scheduled a doctor's appointment and confirmed that I was not pregnant yet. There is no way to truly know without a blood test. If this is your first pregnancy it is possible to have false negatives with an HPT. Go to the doctor and have a blood test because it is definitely possible that you are indeed preggo. Good luck