Emotional Effects of Infertility
Hyacinth Nicole Browne, MD posted:
"If they ask me one more time, when are we going to have a child I'm going to ... "

I hear this over and over again from couples who struggle with infertility and are faced with the constant reminder of not being able to fulfill their dream of starting a family of their own. The psychological effects of having difficulty conceiving can weigh heavily on couples who are faced month after month with repeatedly negative pregnancies tests, even though they are doing everything possible to maximize their chances of getting pregnant.

Couples who struggle with infertility can experience anxiety, depression, and feelings of worthiness and loneliness. When faced with these emotions it can cause couples to start to lose sight of the "bigger picture," and it can put strains on their relationships with friends and loved ones. It may even lead to problems at work, especially when failed attempts at getting pregnant are faced with anger by your boss for time taken off to go to scheduled doctor appointments.

When faced with the uncertainty of getting pregnant and feelings of loneliness and despair, it is important to remember that you are not alone and to seek help from a therapist or support group that deals with infertility as you continue your journey to start a family. And, remember, it is OK to take breaks when they are needed especially if they help to remind you of your commitment to becoming a parent.