PCOS and getting pregnant
Neena29 posted:
Hello everyone, im 29 and ive been trying to get pregnant without success. i av PCOS so i ws wondering if there are any other meds that could be used as subsitute for the metformin since the docs say i am insulin resistant. the clomid is ok but i just cannot manage the metformin. Any suggestions?
Anu06 responded:
Hello dear...

I think your eggs are not properly mature. You should take Ova Boost to promote the egg quality & ovarian function.

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Neena29 replied to Anu06's response:
thanks for ur advice, but will the ova boost works without the metformin? I do believe the ova boost will be necessary as suggested because there are times when the gyno say the egg quality is poor. My main problem is the metformin because it makes me so sick i just cant get use to taking them. There must be something else that can be recommended as substitute if thats the case.