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Does Sexual Position Matter?
Hyacinth Nicole Browne, MD posted:
When counseling patients, I'm sometimes asked if there are certain sexual positions to enhance fertility or to predict the sex of the child.

Here's what I always tell them: Conception can occur with any sexual position as long as sperm is present! Sexual positions that get sperm closer to the cervix, such as the missionary position, do not increase your chances of getting pregnant because the majority of sperm that is deposited in the vagina during intercourse find their way to the egg within minutes. Just having sperm present in the vaginal vault, at the right time, is all that is needed for couples to conceive.

Likewise, different sexual positions do not increase your chances of having a boy or a girl. Some have postulated that certain sexual positions that get sperm closer to the cervix can pre-select for a boy, since Y-bearing sperm move faster than X-bearing sperm. This seems reasonable, since the quickest sperm should meet-up with the egg first. However, the gender of the child can only be determined by whether the "best" X or Y-bearing sperm meets up with an egg that is waiting to be fertilized, and this is not always the fastest sperm.

In the end, our ability to have a child or to predetermine gender is left to fate. But, in this case, it doesn't hurt to tempt fate.
Anu06 responded:
yeah!!! sexual position have matter to conceive healthy baby.
Anu06 responded:
yeah!!! sexual position have matter to conceive healthy baby.

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