rorolo posted:

I am 40 years old, DOR and my FSH=12. Could you please help me with some thoughts? Do you think that the following protocol is appropiate for my high FSH ?
* BCP one month prior IVF
*0.05 ml Suprefact injection TWICE a day starting day 3 till trigger
* day 5—450 UI Gonal for 2 days +Luveris 75UI
*Day 7-decrease Gonal at 300 UI+Luveris 75UI
*Trigger -Pregnyl.
1.Do you think that BCP and Suprefact TWICE a day could be too much for me? Can suppress me too much? I am afraid that 2 doses of Suprefact are a bit to much as I have a low ovarian reserve.
2. Is 450 UI gonal too much or too little for my situation(age,DOR,FSH)?
3. Is luveris 75 UI too little/too much?
Thank you in advance