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Need some help please!
aarnold posted:
I miscarried Feb 13th of this year. Had a regular 5 day period in March.Then in April I was 6 days late. I was so excited and took a hpt. Neg. The next day I started my period,which lasted 6 days. Then it came back again two days later. I am now on day 3 of another period. What is going on? The bleeding itself isn't heavy,just moderate. No others symptoms,not even cramps. Can someone please explain what this might be?
kieleb84 responded:
seriously i am having this same issue, misscarried in october and my last cycle was 35 days! what is going on?
aarnold replied to kieleb84's response:
I'm getting very frustrated now, since I don't have a normal cycle. It makes it very hard to know when I'm ovulating. Especially after this last "thing" I have no idea when I will be ovulating now. Do I start over after this last mini period or what? So confused.
Hyacinth Nicole Browne, MD responded:
Dear aarnold,
It's possible that the change in your menstrual cycle could be due to your recent pregnancy loss. However, I recommend that you undergo a hormonal evaluation to make sure that there isn't an underlying endocrine disorder that could explain what's been going on with your cycles.