Undetectable LH Surge?
WyattN posted:
I have two children already and am trying for a third (I am 36 years old). I just recently started having normal cycles after getting off the pill six months ago (after bieng on for 3 years) and being prescribed progesterone to jump start my lack of periods. My cycles are about 35 days long and based on cervical mucas I think I am ovulating around the 20th-21st day. I say this because I have taken a number of ovulation tests (Clear Blue Easy and another online brand) at least twice a day from day 7 on (To make sure it is not missed) and have never gotten a line darker than the control line. For the last two months somewhere around the 18-22nd day I will get a light line for a day or two but never anything darker than the control line, which all test instructions indicate is the LH surge you are looking for. So I am wondering - is it possible to ovulate when it appears your LH levels are not that high (Or high enough to register on a test that your surge is occuring)?