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New IVF protocol.
rosecam posted:
I just had my follow-up appointment with RE. After my crazy cycle w/ super-high E2s, 11 eggs retrieved and only 1 fertilized, RE is making a couple of changes.

1. I will now do Menopur instead of Gonal F. Menopur is mixed FSH and LH, while Gonal F is only FSH, so I'm going to a "mixed protocol." Any info on mixed protocols? Anyone use Menopur before?

2. He's adding in ICSI for fertilization. (Not too surprising.)

SO, my calendar:
Starting Lupron today.
Stopping pill Sunday 5/2.
Expect to start stims Saturday 5/8.
Estimated ER Wed 5/19, ET Sat 5/22

Any May cycle buddies left? It looks like lots of the May IVFs turned into June or TAB.
KOOPERSMOM responded:
Hi. I took my last BCP yesterday, had my baseline u/s and blood work today and I start Lupron Thursday and Bravelle/Menopur Saturday. I used the same meds with my first IVF/ICSI and had success!!! Nurse just called with my lab results and everything is a go!

So, I'll be your cycle buddy!! Good luck

beckyatmoms responded:
I used Menopur and Gonal F at the same time and ended up with 14 retrieved - 8 were mature and 5 fertilized.
RunJessicaRun responded:
Another cycle buddy here!! I just took my last BCP last night like Sarah (thank goodness those things were turning me into an evil b!#$#), start stims 4/30 estimated ER 5/13 ET 5/18. Go May girls!

I am on a different protocol this time.
#1 IVF: BCP/Lupron/Follistim and Menopur. 11 eggs retrieved, 7 ICSI and 1 at ET
#2 IVF - like #1, but no lupron and ganirelix just before trigger and higher dose follsitim/menopur. They think the lupron caused my 6 embies to not make it and my one to be not good quality.

Rose, as for the menopur I must warn you, when I injected it, it stinged. I told the nurse and she had me up my saline a little bit to dilute and that seemed to help.
rosecam replied to RunJessicaRun's response:
Yay! It's great to hear the success stories with Menopur (even getting lots of embies will be a success after last cycle), and it's nice to have cycle buddies. We should all keep each other updated!

Jessica - thanks for the warning on the menopur. I prefer to know, and if it stings for me I'll make sure to call the nurse.
AprilCB responded:
I could have pushed for May IVF,but choose to due it in June. So I'll be a couple of weeks after you. Good luck! How exciting!
beckyatmoms replied to AprilCB's response:
I agree with Jessica - the menopur did sting. My nurse told me to mix the menopur and let it sit while I did my Gonal F injection and sometimes that makes it sting less - still stung though!
sarahw06219 responded:
I used Bravelle/Menopur for my IVF and got 18 eggs, 15 fertilized with ICSI...and the cycle was successful :)

Good luck!!!
leji1 responded:
good luck with this next cycle. the new changes sound positive. i know we had good success with ICSI. Can't speak about Menopur as I did Gonal F/Repronex with my first cycle.

am planning to move forward with FET as this first IVF is likely a no go.
no1phillygirl responded:

I want to wish you the best on this upcoming IVF!! I will be thinking of you.

As for myself,
IVF#1 - BCp, lupron, gonal F/Menapur (1/day) - 8 follicles 6 fert only had 3 to tfr
IVF#2 - lupron, gonal F/menapur(same dose but 2/day) - 11 follicles 8 fert, tfr 5, 3 didn't make it to freeze.

Take care,

melikib responded:
Good luck Rose! I'll be lurking and following your cycle. I wish we could be CBs this time but I'm out until the end of May I think. We used ICSI on all my eggs too and had great success. I know you're going to have a great cycle with tons of perfect embies and a BFP in a month!
Take care ~Mindi

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