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What pharmacy do you use?
beachmommy5406 posted:
So I just got off of the phone a little bit ago with the pharmacy and once again, they didn't have all of my rx's. Well, actually, they had all but one, but couldn't find them. This happened last time too! So I call and they say, "okay, so we have the medrol tabs. We don't overnight those so we'll ship them out for a Tuesday shipment". I asked her, do you have anything else because my whole cycle of meds is supposed to be there. She says, "Okay, hold on. I have crinone gel, microdose lupron, and then bcp (can't remember name)". I asked her, what about the hcg, menopur, gonal f? So I'm on hold again and she finds the hcg and the menopur...but no gonal F and a whole bunch of needles. They only had an rx for 2 of the 1/2" syringes (I wish I only needed 2 right )! I went through this for a few days of phone tag between me, the doctor, and the pharmacy last cycle and they were missing the gonal F rx then too! Apparantly they get each rx as a seperate the needles are one fax, bcps another, hcg another, and so on and so on.

Are all pharmacy's like this? I handled this with better ease than last time because I don't need any injectables until at least the end of next week so I have plenty of time. All I need right now is bcp's. But I was a nervous wreck about the mix-up last time (not to mention, they told me I was getting repronex and ordered menopur w/o telling me).

Anyway, this is Freedom Pharmacy and I was just thinking that if we had to do this again I may find somewhere else and was looking for recommendations.
Maura (31) DH (31) DS born 5/06 w/o assistance. DX stage 4 endo lost left ovary/tube (4/10).   IVF 1 6/10 ~ BFN.  IVF 2~AH/IVMM  Sept/Oct
KOOPERSMOM responded:
Metrodrug. I think that's the name!
Sarah(35), DH(35), IVF/ICSI 1 DS-Kooper(2 years), IVF/ICSI 2 BFP with M/C at 9.5 weeks.
AprilCB responded:
ok, my jaw dropped when you said Freedom, because I am shocked at that! I had good experiences with them. However, I too have been using Metro Drugs lately. It's where the nurse is sending my rx's too, they're not really giving me a say.
Cherie (36), DH (37), TTC 4 years will soon be entering 5th year of TTC. 1st IUI 11/09, 2nd IUI 1/10, 3rd IUI 2/10 all BFN. 1st IVF ER 6/6/10 ET 6/11/10 BFN. Hoping for FET 9/24/10
sarahw06219 responded:
I used Schrafts. I had no problems at all, they were great.
Sarah (31) DH (32) IVF/ISCI/FET 1=DS(7/24/09) PCOS/1 percent normal morphology. FET 2 hopefully in August
gjbsgirl5705 responded:
I didn't really have too much of a say... my nurse told me they like to fax their Rx's to Freedom and if I wanted to use someone else I could, but they trust Freedom so, I went with them and didn't have a problem.
amy(29 dh(27) we suffer from MFIF and have had one successful IVF/ICSI that resulted in our beautiful son born 4/18/08. we are now doing our 2nd IVF/ICSI -july/aug!!
jbird823 replied to gjbsgirl5705's response:
My RE's office uses Mandells out in NJ but it appears that my insurance will cover some of the meds through mail order pharmacies. I had RE fax orders to Caremark and although their website was showing a $65 copay per drug, when they called to set up delivery, they said our insurance covers 50% so total cost due would be around $1,000. We also had Medco covered so I called them. Their specialty pharmacy is through Acredo and they said for sure, $65 copay. Called RE's office and asked to fax orders there. I will call Monday and figure things out. I need meds by Thursday for injection teaching and start Lupron 9/6.
Janet (33), DH (34) 2004-2005 9 clomid cycles with 2 IUI's-DD born 9/6/06 8/07 ruptured ectopic, lost left tube 11/09 Clomid/IUI BFN, 12/09 Clomid/IUI chemical pregnancy 6/10 right ectopic
chickeedoodle responded:
I'm shocked to hear that was Freedom Pharmacy - I thought you were going to say MDR. lol I had excellent service with Freedom Pharmacy. MDR - they got everything right - but I'd be on hold at least 10 min every time I called before they got me the right person. (apparently patients are divided up among staff, so only *that* person can help you - it was a HUGE pain the day my gal was off!!!)

I actually got all my non-fert meds at a local pharmacy though - the progesterone, PIO, Medrol, etc.

OH - the one thing to keep in mind is the prices vary dramatically between pharmacies depending if you are using Gonal F or Follisitim, seems like each pharmacy has a special deal with ONE of the manufacturers...

I'm sorry this was such a mess for you.
Carla 8/22/2005 IUI 1 - DS born 5/2006 10/2007-5/2009 - 7 more IUI's; one BFP - m/c 7/2009... 9/2009-10/2009 2 more IUI's - 2 BFN; IVF 1:8/25 3 embies transferred
beachmommy5406 replied to chickeedoodle's response:
Yeah, it's Freedom Pharmacy. The woman I spoke with was great but it's so frustrating because of the 2 times I've had to deal with fert meds, they were missing parts of my rx. Luckily, both times they were missing parts that I knew about so I knew to ask. Had they been missing the medrol I wouldn't have known because they didn't mention that on my protocol sheet. I also wouldn't have known about the doxy so fortunately, the stuff they didnt have an rx for was the stuff I knew to ask for. It just makes me nervous to start off that way. But, I was a lot less stressed about this because, as I mentioned above, all I needed was the bcp's for now and the rest I have about 2 weeks before I need it and I know it'll all get worked out. I just think it's strange that both cycles, they didn't have my rx for the Gonal F. They said they'd be calling my RE to have it straightened out. I've been out all night at a wedding but hopefully, if I'm able to wake early enough tomorrow, I'm going to call them myself and let them know they should be expecting a call from the pharmacy to get things together.

But, based on what you gals are saying, I might just stick with them if I have to do this again.

Maura (31) DH (31) DS born 5/06 w/o assistance. DX stage 4 endo lost left ovary/tube (4/10). IVF 1 6/10 ~ BFN. IVF 2~AH/IVMM Sept/Oct
no1phillygirl responded:
I have used Freedom for all of my cycles and they have been great. I believe the nurse faxes the order in for all of the injectable meds. When I start the stims she gives me the scripts for the oral drugs. Luckily I have never had a problem.

Hopefully you won't need them after this cycle. HUGS!!!
Marla(41) DH(31) 10/08 BFP m/c 11/08 6/09 saw RE (found stage 2 endo,I'M OLD) ivf1 9/09 3 tfr BFP m/c 11/09 ivf2 2/10 5 tfr BFP cvs 13wks trisomy(d
rberezewski responded:
I would suggest that before buying any medicine online you must read reviews of customers first and to gauge if this online store is ok or whatever. If you are interested you can read reviews here at or at for any online pharmacy stores.
laceywesche responded:
Just please don't use I had a horrible experience with them and I am making it my mission to try to help other women avoid it.

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