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Think we're done
jbird823 posted:
Just got a call from RE's office saying we owe an additional $1,300 from our cancelled FET due to extra u/s. The total case rate was $5,500 and they allow patients to make 4 monthly payments. We only made one and then were cancelled but since RE had us doing so many extra u/s, there were charges we were't expecting. I'm thinking if we had complete the entire cycle, we would not have been charged. Still waiting for the billing lady to call me.

DH is pissed because we were not expecting these costs. He is pretty much adament that we are done with all of this and to accept that we will only have one child. So far, we have spent nearly $18,000 and have nothing to show for it except for a failed fresh and cancelled FET. I don't know how I can come up with any extra money. I was considering going to another clinic but I know DH won't go for it. I love my DD more than anything and I don't want to sound like I'm ungrateful for what I already have. Is it wrong to what to give her a sibling more than anything??? I think I rather deal with another BFN than to never know what could have been if we did FET.
Janet (33)DH (34) M/C 10/05
Clomid/IUI DD born 9/6/06
8/07 ruptured ectopic lost left tube
11/09 Clomid/IUI BFN
12/09 Clomid/IUI chem.pregnancy
6/10 right ectopic
IVF 10/10 BFN
FET Jan cance
Maria0321 responded:
Hi Janet,
I know exactly how you feel. I have a son and love him more then anything, it breaks my heart that he doesn't have siblings yet. The costs are rediculous and its horrible how the insurance companies dont cover anything. My doctors office actually has a flat rate for ultrasounds and when they cancel an FET it doesn't count. We have 4 frozen embryos and will keep going until we have none left. After that we'll have to rethink this and as you said be grateful with what we have. Wishing you all the best. Hang in there.
AprilCB responded:
Janet, I am so sorry for the extra burden and frustrations. When our clinic screwed with us we were really pissed too. I'd never seen my DH so mad before, I could feel him check out mentally right there at the clinic in an effort to control his anger. Later he said he wanted to throw our file at the nurse. Granted, the problems were not the nurses fault, it was the RE's, but it was very upsetting never-the-less.

Give him a little time to calm down. You don't have to do your FET with this RE. I think you should get a 2nd opinion, even a 3rd one. That's what we did and I am so thankful for it. Whether this cycle works or not, I know getting that 2nd opinion and going with this RE was the right thing for us to do.
Cherie (36), DH (37), TTC 5 yrs. 1st IUI 11/09, 2nd IUI 1/10, 3rd IUI 2/10 all BFN. 1st IVF ER 6/6/10 ET 6/11/10 BFN. FET 9/28/10, BFP, MC'd 10/25/10
KOOPERSMOM responded:
Janet, you don't sound ungrateful at all. I too have a DS but want a sibling for him so badly. DH is an only child and he really wants DS to have a sibling. I have always wanted 2 kids and felt that I would have that, so hopefully this upcoming FET will be it! Cherie is right, give DH some time to cool down and then talk it over. It is very expensive. We just had our taxes done yesterday and we spent over $21,000.00 in 2010 trying to have a sibling for Kooper and no luck.

Hang in there!
Sarah(36), DH(35), IVF/ICSI 1 DS-Kooper(2 years), IVF/ICSI 2 BFP with M/C at 9.5 weeks. IVF3 BFN. FET(1 little blast) Feb-March
no1phillygirl responded:
Janet I'm sorry that you are dealing with this. That is alot of money but it is what it is and is so unfair. At least if you would've done the FET it would be worth it. Do you know when you will be doing the FET? I really hope things are moving forward. we did our taxes and reported $46000 in medical expenses for absolutely nothing gained. It really sucks!!!!

Please know that I am thinking of you!!!!

Marla 41 DH 31 10/08 BFP m/c 11/08 6/09 RE (stage 2 endo) ivf1 9/09 tfr 3 BFP m/c 11/09 ivf2 2/10 tfr 5 BFP cvs 13wks trisomy(d

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