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Menopur/Repronex questions.
iamaj2000 posted:
Hello. I've been on the TTCAL board & I have posted a question about Menopur, but no one seems to have been on it over there, so I thouht I would try here. My story is we TTC for 8 yrs before getting PG with our DD (3 naturally & 5 assisted by an RE) They found out I had PCOS early on & started me on Metformin & Dethamexazone. They started me on Clomid, we tried many cycles on this until we finally found out the combo that worked 150mg x 9 days. Our DD was born at 27 weeks due to a massive infection in my placenta (still not sure how it was caused) & partial placenta abruption (due to a MTHFR Mutation - they just found out a month ago. They started me on Metanex & a baby Aspirin to see if this would help with the blood clotting. Anyway, long story short, I went back in on Saturday, CD4 - I usually go in on CD3, but they were not in the office due to New Years. I broke down & the doctor asked me if I wanted to get more "aggressive" with treatment. I said "Yes, If we don't get PG soon I will go crazy!" He told me about using injectables. & how there was a much greater chance I would have twins or triplets with them & the risks involved were even higher with me since my last PG was a preterm birth. If I had multiples that I would be watched closer so I wouldn't go into preterm labor again. He told me "There were worse things in life than death, and having a handicapped/deformed child would be one of them "(which is what could happen I I got PG with multiples & they were born too early) My question is is anyone on Menopur or Repronex. How have you responded (ie how many cycles did it take to get PG , side effects, etc.) Any information would be greatly appriciated. I have searched the net, but get so overwhelmed by the info. I need someone who has really gone through it to answer some questions! Sorry for going on & on.
iksnyzcar responded:
I have been on menopur from day one. My first cycle was cancelled since I was no progressing. Had to take a forced break since I needed my gall bladder out. Had a late Sept/Oct cycle progressed better, but no ovulation. Had a late Nov/Dec cycle that I ovulated but didn't get pregnant. Now I am on Menopur and Gonal-f. I am progressing better so far. I have been trying since July 08. Each time I have gotten farther. So I can't answer your questions about how many cycles it takes to achieve pregnancy since I haven't ever yet. I hope all works for you with the menopur. Wishing you the best. I am also sorry to hear that you lost one so soon.
iksnyzcar responded:
I also wanted to add that I was hard to sitm with menopur alone. I have IHH ( idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism) so I would either be easy to stim or hard to stim. Of course I am a toughie. On menopur alone I was up to 5 vials a day at one point in the last cycle. Now this cycle I am on 150 units of gonal-f and 150 units of menopur. Are you going to do IUI or IVF, or timed intercourse? We aren't doing IVF or IUI, just timed intercourse. Tip for the menopur let it sit for a few minutes after mixing before you inject it burns less that way. I learned that the hard way. Still I wish you the best. I have no other advice for you.
newlywedAU responded:
TRIGS..... We got pregnant on our first inj cycle with Menopur 150 u daily for a week. I'm hoping the same will happen for you!

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