Progesterone level for ovulation?
BaseballWife79 posted:
Does anyone know the minimum Progesterone level to know that I've for sure ovulated?
We are going through 2nd cycle of injectables...last cycle my progesterone was 13.5 and Dr's office told me I may or may not have ovulated. This cycle 9.6 and Dr's office told me I for sure ovulated. I tend to get different answers to my questions depending who I talk to at the office.
Thank you for any responses
kzim517 responded:
(In my experience) Usually with a medicated cycle they like to see it over 15. But for your average person, 10 is very good, 5 is iffy but probably something happened. Perhaps each doctor believes something a little different (?)

With my first clomid/HCG cycle, my level was only 6.7 and that wasn't seen as very promising. This last cycle it as 16.6 (with progesterone supplementation) and they were very pleased. Not sure if that helps. I wouldn't feel bad about calling and asking them about it - it's their job to answer questions. You might feel better about it if you do. Best of luck to you!
Kari (30), DH (32), and our little miracle DS born 12/09. Failed 4 cycles of clomid; low FSH, low progesterone, DH has great count but morph only 7. clomid/IUI March `11.