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A nightmare
leji1 posted:
Thank you for thinking of me guys. Here is my awful story:

Yesterday around 6:30a, DH and I went in for the morning ultrasound at 5wk4d half-heartedly not expecting to see anything. We didn't. Ironically my beta levels doubled appropriately so my RE felt comfortable bringing me back on Wed. at 5wk6d for u/s and if there was still nothing she was going to give me a methotrexate injection and assume it was ectopic. I felt uneasy at that prospect especially since nothing was seen on u/s to reflect an ectopic. My beta was around 7200 doubling almost appropriately from 3200 on Sat. My nurse said that she'd never seen such perfect numbers with an ectopic.

At around 12pm yesterday, I felt a dull pain in my left ovary. I called my nurse and she said to monitor and that they would see me on Tues. She also told me that my beta levels looked good and that there was still a chance a sac may be seen on u/s on Wed. However, around 2:30p, I had a bright red vaginal bleed that did not look like spotting. I freaked out and called and told them I was going to the ER. The RE told me to come right over to the office. By the time I got there the left sided pain was getting worse. They saw fluid in the cul-de-sac on vaginal u/s which hadn't been there in the AM. I pretty much knew at that point that my tube was rupturing.

By the time we got to the hospital, I was in excrutiating pain. They got an OR stat for me and DH and I went to the ER. I lost my left tube but ovaries and right tube and uterus are intact. Luckily, I didn't have to be transfused and I had lost about 200mL of blood in my abdomen which isn't a huge amount. I got to the ER around 5:45p and left the recovery room around 10:30p last night.

Ectopics can be life threatening and after even IVF the incidence is only about 3%. I guess I'm in the lucky minority.

Never in my life, did I expect things to turn out this way. I felt completely fine until yesterday. I don't blame my RE for wanting to wait to make sure it was an ectopic.

I'm very sore today but at home and recovering. We have frozen embies but I can't even think about next steps. My mom is coming in tonight to stay with us for a week. I'm thankful to have support of family and friends as we didn't tell anyone what was going on until I went to the ER yest. DH was scared to death.

Best of luck to you all and I will be lurking.
Ellie 32,DH 33 low morph,TTC 3yrs,9/09-12/09 3 Clomid/IUI BFN, 4/10 IVF/ICSI 1 Chemical,7/10 FET BFN,11/10 IVF/ICSI/AH 2 BFN, 3/11 cancelled FET,5/11 IVF/ICSI 3
jlm76 responded:
Ellie, I am SO sorry to hear this! I was so hopeful that it was just too early to see anything on the ultrasound and that everything would look great when you had your follow up ultrasound.

It sounds like this was really just a terrible fluke, but so heartbreaking and scary. I'm glad your mom will be with you - you need lots of good care and support. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! ((HUGS))
Jen (39), DH (36), plus one spoiled black lab (8). TTC since 1/2010; MC 6/10; IUI 1/11 - BFN; IVF converted to IUI 3/11-BFN; IUI 3 converted to IVF - 5/11.
Susan1777 responded:
((((HUGS)))) Ellie....I'm so sorry. I'm literally in shock to hear your update, I really, really thought it was just too early w/ your great #'s and things would turn out differently. I'm glad you kept an eye on your pain and thought smart enough to go to the ER.
I can't imagine what you're feeling right now, but we're here for you to lean on.
Was on ITSG since May of 2004....due to PCOS, tubal, and male factor issues, 5 years of TTC, numerous surgeries, IUI's, and 3 IVF's later, our little girl, Shelby Faith, was born on 5/29/09.
no1phillygirl responded:
Ellie I just can't believe it. I always heard with ectopics that the betas rise but slowly. Yours were doubling perfectly. WOW! only with infertility!

I'm so sorry that this happened to you. It is so unfair. I am glad to hear that they were able to save the ovary. Hopefully you won't need another fresh cycle anyway. Take care of yourself and we are here for you whenever you need us. HUGS!!!
Marla 41 DH 31 10/08 BFP m/c 11/08 6/09 RE (stage 2 endo) ivf1 9/09 BFP m/c 11/09 ivf2 2/10 BFP cvs 13wks trisomy(d
jbird823 responded:
Ellie, I'm so sorry for everything you have endured. I haven't posted in a very long time and I'm not even sure if my signature is still on here but I too suffered a ruptured ectopic and my OB was exactly like your RE-wait it out. My betas were tripling and doing well (I don't trust betas anymore-too high too quickly has been my experience with both my ectopics). Unfortunately, the day after an u/s, my tube ruptured and luckily we made it to the hospital in time. I don't think I or my DH have ever been so scared in our lives knowing what could have happened if we, or you even waited.

Know that I'm thinking and praying you heal quickly and in time, find the strength to move on. If you ever need to talk, I'm here.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Oh my goodness, Ellie--I am so terribly sorry! While I am glad they were able to save your right ovary/tube and uterus, I am even happier they were able to save you.

Please rest up and heal,

Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance - Phyllis Diller
brookelovettc responded:
I'm so sorry. We're all here for you.
Me(29) DH(29) TTC since 2008. Started seeing RE May 2010 and IF testing. DH=mild MFIF. Me= DOR, endometriomas both ovaries. 3C w/Clomid=BFN. IVF/ICSI Feb 2011, BFP=chemical.
codysu responded:
Oh Ellie I am so sorry ((hugs)) What a scary ordeal! I'm glad you will have your mom to support you in this difficult time. I'm also glad that you are ok, that is the most important thing. Take time to heal and take good care of yourself. I'll be thinking of you.
Cody (37) DH (45), IVF w ICSI AH 11/10, M/C 12/10, 3 IUI's 2/11-4/11-all BFN
jlhill88 responded:
Ellie, I am so sorry! Sending ((((HUGS)))) your way. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself and best wishes.

Jennifer(23) DH(25), TTC over 2 years for our first child, MFIF First IVF/ICSI ER 01/13/11, ET 01/18/2011-Transfered 2 day 5 blastocysts-chemical pregnancy. 1 Frostie left. Fresh IVF/ICSI July 2011.
frankfortkate responded:
Not much to say other than I will be praying for you. Take care.
Kate(31), DH (31), 2 furbabies (Buster and TC), TTC 2 1/2 years, endo,IVF1 7/10 BFN, IVF2 11/10 BFN. IVF3 cx. IVF4 BFN...again...IVF5 now; 2 endo scorings, stims started 6/4.

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