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TRIGS: My 1st Tri update
no1phillygirl posted:
[TRIGGER] Well here is my long awaited update for those that are still interested. We are 12 wks today. Our due date is 4/5/12

7/20 DE FET 2 embies
6dp5dt - +hpt (major heartburn)
9dp5dt - beta 260
13dp5dt - beta 1567

8/15 - 1st u/s 6wks 3 days 1 baby h/b 124
8/17 - bright red blood (freaked out)
8/18 - 2nd u/s 6 wks 6 days SCH baby ok
8/26 - 3rd u/s 8 wks h/b 189
released to OB: found out gyn/ob died 2 mths prior at age 49 (heartattack). uggh

9/1 - 1st ob(new) - 8 wks 6 days h/b 173
9/9 - 2nd ob - 10 wks h/b 178
9/20 - 1st peri appt 11wks 4 days NT scan - 1.2 h/b 173
1st bloodwork baby waved to us.

10/18 - 2nd set bloodwork then will find out if need Amnio
10/25 - anatomy scan

Thank you to all for your support! It was very hard to not post my updates but it was what we needed to do. We are still terrified that something bad will happen. We are just taking each day and appt as it comes. I will move over to the other side but will still be lurking here. Hugs to you all!!!!
Marla 42 DH 32 BFP 10/08 m/c 11/08
6/09 RE
ivf1 9/09 BFP m/c 11/09
ivf2 2/10 BFP 13wks trisomy(d
AprilCB responded:
Marla, I cannot tell you how happy I am for you. This is your keeper. I just know it. Congrats and I am so happy to see you get to make the move to PAIF!
Don't give up hope, it can work! Cherie TTC 5 years, 3IUIs, 2 fresh IVFs,1 FET, EDD 11/1/11.
nordygirl33 responded:
I am so happy for you and wish you both all the best:)
mosleyd36 responded:
Marla, this makes me so happy. I'm sure everything is going to work out. Lots of prayers coming your way for a H&H 9 months!
Danielle (30) DH (32)...TTC since July '08. Severe MFIF. IVF/ICSI 1 9/10...BFN. IVF/ICSI/AH 2...7/11. ER 8/17/11, ET 8/22/11
crescent0513 responded:
So, so very happy for you! Wishing you all the excited your back to posting, I think I was checking here at least every other day lately knowing it was close to being 3 months for you...again, so happy for you!

nicram8683 responded:
Congrats to you! Hope you have a happy & healthy pregnancy. It is so good to hear successful stories.
leji1 responded:
Marla!!! I'm so happy to see his post from you. Congratulations. Sending you hugs.
Ellie 32,DH 33 low morph,TTC 3yrs,9/09-12/09 3 Clomid/IUI BFN, 4/10 IVF/ICSI 1 Chemical,7/10 FET BFN,11/10 IVF/ICSI/AH 2 BFN, 3/11 cancelled FET,5/11 IVF/ICSI 3
chzqueen responded:
Congratulations and a H&H 9 months
Heather (40) Fiancee ( 42)TTC 12 months. Septum removed 10/10 DOR.suprise BFP natural 09/09 - betas not doubling, OB diagnosed a tubal, Out of the game till Jan 12
chickeedoodle responded:
WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh Marla, I'm so happy for you - and what an amazing jump in your beta number!!! I feel that this one is THE one.

I've been holding you in my heart, and will continue to do so - keep me posted!!!!

booklvr04 replied to chickeedoodle's response:

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Yay! I think of you often and I knew no news was good news, but wow, what an amazing update you had for all of us!!! Congrats! Many prayers!!!

Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
So delighted to read this, Marla! I have been quietly hoping we'd be seeing this announcement soon and I'm definitely read to dance in celebration.

Best wishes to you, DH, and your Spring lambkin,

Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance - Phyllis Diller
codysu responded:
Marla I am so ecstatic to hear of your fantastic news! I have been checking here often to see if you have posted any updates, and am glad to hear everything is going so well! You have worked so hard on this journey, and it makes me smile to see your success that you so greatly deserve! Wishing you a H&H 9 months, and I hope you pop in and let us know how you are doing from time to time. Best wishes!!
Cody (38 ) DH (45), IVF w ICSI AH 11/10, M/C 12/10, 4 IUI's-all BFN, IVF w ICSI AH Nov-11
mamacrabb responded:
CONGRATULATIONS MARLA!!!!!!!!! I have been lurking every few days to see if you had posted anything. I'm so excited for you! I know you have been waiting for this for a long time. This one is it - I just know it!!!!!!
Alicia (27) DH (27)
Endometriosis and tubal factor
DD 5/2003
DS M/C 2/2006
DD 11/2006
IVF 1: ER 5/19 ET 5/22; 2 3dt; 2 frosties! Beta 6/3
jlhill88 responded:
CONGRATS!!! I am so happy to read this Marla! I am wishing you all the best. Have a wonderful H&H 9 months!

See ya over on the PAIF boards!
Jennifer(23) DH(25), TTC since 2009-MFIF. IVF/ICSI1-Chemical Pregnancy/1 Frostie. IVF/ICSI2-Transfered 2 day 5 blasts. BETA 8/5= 194. BETA 8/10= 1590. BETA 8/16= over 5000. U/S shows 2 little sacs!
hoping4ourfirst1 responded:
This is the BEST NEWS I have heard in along time! CONGRATS! Marla!

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