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I'm back for another round.....
Fleischman posted:
My DH and I are Trying for #2. We did our first IVF cycle in 2007, (And i lived on these boards. THANK YOU!) Which is how i became pregnant with twins. I delivered at 32 weeks. But a short month later my DD passed away. We got to bring home our perfectly healthy happy DS. Our Fertility issues were my DH count extremely low. My no problems. Well in 2010 tried to use our frozen embroys for another shot and having another child and out of te four only 1 survived and this did not result in a pregnancy.
We then again two months later tried a Fresh cycle and i came up short on producing eggs. Last cycle was 11 (2007), (2010) only 4 only 2 viable but still no luck with a two transfer on day 5.
So here we are again trying another fresh cycle and it comes up that my ovaries are OLD the Dr tells me. I am 29, and the Dr tells me i have ovaries of a much older women. All my blood work was good except for the one level they now check for ovary function. Mine was below 1 which is where they want it. So i dont know what this means for us but we did sign up for the PDG testing. Anyone have similar issues? or hope that im not done having kids at 29 .
I am currently taking DHEA and CoQ10 ?????
Tiff1124 responded:
Hi there,
First of all I am very sorry about your DD. I can't imagine...

Secondly, yes, my situation is a bit similar to yours. I am 28 and I am constantly producing immature eggs. The RE hasn't necessarily told me that my ovaries are old, just that they are disfunctional and they cannot figure out why. With our first IVF 11 eggs were retrieved, only 3 were mature, and only 1 embryo was viable. They used ICSI with all of the eggs. With follistim they can get my eggs to mature, but then I have so many follicles that are tiny and underdeveloped that I end up with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. My second IVF resulted in a harvest of 30 eggs (half fertilized with ICSI), but I was hyperstimulated so the transfer was cancelled. This harvest was better because it resulted in 5 blasts and 2 morulas to freeze, but we just used our 2 best blasts and the cycle failed.

I too pray that I am not done having children at this young age. I do have a natural miracle conceived in 2007. However, we have been on the journey for #2 for nearly 3 years and our finances and emotions are wearing thin.
4 Clomid cycles- 1 Angel Baby
6 Failed IUIs 1/11-8/11- All BFN
IVF 1- 11/11 Only 1 embryo :-( BFN
IVF 2- 12/12 Severe OHSS- Transfer cancelled
FET 1- 2/12 BFN
Unexplained Secondary Infertility
Fleischman replied to Tiff1124's response:
Wow thank you. Its comforting to know im not the only one. My first cycle 11 eggs 10 mature, all fertilized with ICSI, Transfered 2 was able to freeze 4. Been trying for two years myself. Has your doctor recommended the DHEA and CoQ10? i have heard these increase the ovary function.
Me (29) DH (42) Married 2006
IVF 1 - 10/07- BFP TWINS DS/DD, 32 weeks delivered. DD angel 18 days later.
FT1 - 8/10- BFN
IVF 2- 11/10- BFN
Tiff1124 replied to Fleischman's response:
No. but I'll be certian to ask about it! I'm willing to try just about anything at this point!
4 Clomid cycles- 1 Angel Baby
6 Failed IUIs 1/11-8/11- All BFN
IVF 1- 11/11 Only 1 embryo :-( BFN
IVF 2- 12/12 Severe OHSS- Transfer cancelled
FET 1- 2/12 BFN
Unexplained Secondary Infertility

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