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Totally Discouraged!!!
flowers_texas posted:
I actually have been posting at, but I will give it a try here to see who is going thru what I am going thru.

It all started back in Sept 30, 2009 when i had my tubual ligation reversal done. It was a success, so we thought when i got pregnant two months after the surgery, but just one week after finding out I was pregnancy, I missed carried. I don't know the cause and it still bothers me.

After a year of trying on my own I returned to my Gyn who did the surgery and started Clomid (6 rounds). Yeah it helped with ovulation but no baby. We did an hsg and how out that only one side is open...

This is the third year of trying to conceive, I am finally calling it quits, the gyn said no more drugs, no IUI ( wont work with one). I have been told that my only chance of conceiving is to have an IVF done, which I can't afford.

has anyone else gone this long since a miscarriage and not gotten pregnant?
batchk responded:
try forum board, you may find some good advice:

good luck.
Me(33)Dh(34)married 12yrs
dx 01 severe male factor
15yr natural ttc
07/04 IUI W/Clomid
10/04 ICSI IVF fail
1/05 ICSI IVF twin preg- 1twin miscarriage 10wk- 1dd born 10/05
trying again!
livelaughmoe responded:
I am so sorry for your complete misery! I can't relate to your very certain situation, but I can relate to wanting a baby so bad I can taste it and wanting to quit medications because, I'm so sick of crying, constipation, mood swings, hot flashes and BFN! Please use our board to vent when you need to, so we can support you!
Me 28 DH 29 TTC for 2 years. HSG, SHG good, SA good, 4 rounds on Clomid, one round hyperstimulated all = BFN. First round with IUI,Femara and HCG trigger was a BFN
lindsycd responded:
I recommend seeing a reproductive endocrinologist before calling it quits. I recently switched drugs from Clomid to Femara and Menopur and found out today my body likes the latter. They are much more expensive but still cheaper than IVF. We're doing our third round of IUI this week. I find it odd that your Gyn would say IUI won't work and just throw up his/her hands like that. Good luck!
Me 34; DH 37;TTC 2.5 years; MFIF low morphology.
First IUI 12/03/2011 = BFN
Second IUI 02/01/2012 = BFN.
Third IUI March 2012.
flowers_texas replied to livelaughmoe's response:
Thank you...I waiting to take a HP this month it has been 32 days since my cycle started...Husband thinks its not possible. I am trying no to get my hopes up, but I just want it so bad right now and so does he.

It's amazing what us women will go through to have kids, but then when you husband is being eatin up inside from the mc it just shows how much we know about our man,

Fingers crossed that this is my month for a positive
flowers_texas replied to lindsycd's response:
My GYN is not OB certified. The reason, he said no to IUI, is that the VA Hospital won't pay for it and they won't pay for IVF either. Has a VA, my hands are tied by the government and there legislation.

I am thinking about going to fertility specialist, but I have to pay out of pocket and I know it can be expensive, especially since I stay home and run to business that are just getting started and babysitting my niece.

In addition, he thinks the IUI will not work because I only have one tube open and if i cant get pregnant naturally withone, there's no chance with IUI...believe me I was ready to try IUI, even my husband.
FrenchBulldogMom replied to flowers_texas's response:
I'd suggest going to a fertility specialist. I had such a great experience with my RE. My husband and I were so devastated when we found out in 2010 that his numbers weren't that great and I had uterine polyps. Dr. P talked to us about our options and we made a realistic plan that ended up working for us. It took 2 surgeries, 1 failed IUI, and over a year of treatment, but IVF #1 succeeded and we're expecing twins in June.

I think that even though IVF is extremely expensive, you and your husband will probably have the best chance for success with it. I'd find a good fertility clinic in your area and set up a consultation. Your current GYN might even have one that they can refer you to. Good luck and keep us posted!!!
Me:35, DH:35, TTC 2 1/2 years, IVF 1: Twins due in June!!!
lindsycd replied to flowers_texas's response:
Sorry to sound harsh, I just get frustrated with western medicine and Gyn responses to infertility issues. Contact a fertility specialist / RE and meet with the accounting department about the cost. They may also know of some charities that can assist. I know my pharmacy had some for meds. I also suggest adding a regimen of eastern medicine. I bought two books, Making Babies and The Infertility Cure. We also undergo acupuncture regularly and take vitamins like crazy. Good luck!
Me 34; DH 37;TTC 2.5 years; MFIF low morphology.
First IUI 12/03/2011 = BFN
Second IUI 02/01/2012 = BFN.
Third IUI March 2012.
flowers_texas replied to lindsycd's response:
Thank you...Right now I am in the waiting the stage of what to do today...It's 35 days since my last cycle and in the air about testing , because I am afraid to lose another if it is positive...It's hard and I would have never that this day could come again in life after 3 years of trying
Me(33), DH (38), DS(12) and DD(10)...TL May 2003, TLR Sept 2009, MC Jan 2010 (8wks (Baby 6wks)), 6 rounds of clomid, 9 HSGs. No Angel baby yet...3years of TTC

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