Implantation bleeding?
jclay2011 posted:
I'm not due to start my period until 3/9/12. I had a trigger shot on 2/20/12 of 10,000 hcg. got up to go to the bathroom and when I wiped I had a brownish/pink on the toilet paper. Took a pregnancy test and showed a very light BFP. Not sure if left over HCG or if a true possitive. Thanks
nicram8683 responded:
Lurking....... My OB told me that it disappears around 1/2 every 48 hours & not to test until 13 days after the shot to be sure that it is a true positive. So:

2/20 10000
2/22 5000
2/24 2500
2/26 1250
2/28 625
2/30 312.50 etc etc

It could be a true positive, but might be to early. You can test again in a few days and if it has gotten darker, that might be an indication that it is a true positive. Although you might want to wait it out awhile to be sure. Best wishes!