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Injection advice?
deliela999 posted:
My meds are all here and I'm waiting for AF to start my new protocol with the RE. Does anyone have any advice on the injections? I'll be using gonal-f daily in my stomach and an HCG trigger in my butt. The nurse will give me instructions when I go for the ultrasounds. I'm getting nervous about the injections. I was going to let DH do them all because he seemed to want to be involved, but he has to travel some so I'll have to do some myself. He was scaring me that he seemed happy about doing the injections, but I guess it's the first time he's been able to be involved...or he's just happy to get to stab me.
lindsycd responded:
There's no reason to be nervous. I hate shots and DH was more than happy to do it for me (I too think he was happy to stab me). Make sure you ask all the questions you have no matter how (seemingly) silly or repetitive. Take notes. Good luck! xo
Me 34; DH 37;TTC 2.5 years; MFIF low morphology.
First IUI 12/03/2011 = BFN
Second IUI 02/01/2012 = BFN.
Third IUI 03/01/2012
beckyatmoms responded:
After 3 IVF cycles I can tell you the shots are not bad at all. The needles are very thin. At most it stings a little bit but nothing to worry about.

Good luck!
Becky (35) DH (31) TTC for over 3 years. MFIF DS(12) DD(5)
IVF1 (Long Lupron) 3/10 BFN
IVF2 (Long Lupron) 2/11 BFN
IVF3 (Antagonist) BFP!!!
TWINS!!! EDD 8/23/12
jon3brn responded:
I took my first ovidrel shot yesterday evening. at first my dh was willing to do it. but when i told him it was time, he said he couldnt do it. so i had to put on my big girl pants and do it myself. i was scared the whole time, until I pulled the needle out of my abdomen. it didnt hurt, but it wasnt pain free. the needle is super thin and short (at least mine was). numbing the area first with ice, will help dull the pain.

Good luck!
Me(28) and DH(29), Married and TTC since April 2008, 3 rounds of clomid no success, 6 month break, Jan. 2012 BC for one cycle due to cysts, Feb. 2012 no BC for cysts (again)
Tiff1124 replied to jon3brn's response:
I like to pinch the skin up in the area where I will be injecting and flick it pretty hard 4-5 times just before I give the injection. This causes the nerves to get desensitized and then you don't feel the shot at all. My mom is a nurse and she taught me the trick- I never feel anything!! It's even better than using ice!
4 Clomid cycles- 1 Angel Baby
6 Failed IUIs 1/11-8/11
IVF 1- 11/11 Only 1 embryo :-( BFN
IVF 2- 12/11 Severe OHSS- Transfer cancelled
FET 1- 2/12 BFN
FET 2- will be 3/12
Unexplained Secondary IF
jon3brn replied to Tiff1124's response:
I have never heard of that one before. if i have do another round, I will try that trick.
Me(28) and DH(29), Married and TTC since April 2008, 3 rounds of clomid no success, 6 month break, Jan. 2012 BC for one cycle due to cysts, Feb. 2012 no BC for cysts (again)
FrenchBulldogMom responded:
I used ice to numb the injection site. Before most of my IVF shots and the months of progesterone shots, I used an ice pack for 5-10 minutes on the area. Then, the area was so numb, it didn't matter what size needle was going in. I didn't really feel anything.

I didn't use ice with the Lupron shots because I used insulin needles and injected my stomach. They were so tiny, I didn't feel them anyway. For my Menopur and Bravelle, I iced alternating thighs each day. I wasn't able to give myself Progesterone, but I put an ice pack on my butt ("hip) before my husband or sister would give me those shots. The ice really made a difference for me.
Me:35, DH:35, TTC 2 1/2 years, IVF 1: Twins due in June!!!
FrenchBulldogMom replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
Oh, I forgot to mention that my husband also was really excited about giving shots. I told him that he was so good at it, he missed his career calling as a nurse!!!!
Me:35, DH:35, TTC 2 1/2 years, IVF 1: Twins due in June!!!

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