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    questions on egg retrieval
    An_246434 posted:
    Hi guys, I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has the medical knowledge for my question, thanks!!

    My husband and I would like to freeze our embryos because we are not ready to have children yet, but we will be one day. Because of our jobs, we currently live overseas, and my husband has very limited vacation days, maybe 2 to 3 weeks when we will be able to fly to the US to do egg retrieval for myself, then combine my fresh eggs with my husband's fresh sperm, then freeze our embryos. From my understanding, I will receive 2 weeks of fertility medication injections, then do the egg retrieval procedure. However, I am confused as to when are the fertility medications administered? Are fertility medications administered the day after I get my period? I am confused about at what point in my menstrual cycle should I start to fly to the US, for example, if I have already gotten my period, should I wait for 2 to 3 weeks before I fly over? Because after those 2 to 3 weeks, I will be expecting my period that week, and I can fly over to the US and go to the fertility clinic to get those medication, and as soon as my period comes, I can give myself those shots or take the pills. I will, of course, do a phone consultation with the fertility clinic before I fly over and fill out all the forms and fedex the registration forms over to the clinic. I just don't want to fly over at any point during the month, then wait in the US for 2 weeks before my period comes, then take another 2 weeks of fertility medication, because we only have 2 to 3 weeks of vacation for the whole year, we cannot leave work that long.

    FrenchBulldogMom responded:
    You probably need to find your fertility clinic first because your protocol will depend on your unique medical situation.

    In my case, my RE had me take birth control pills continuously, so I didn't have a period for almost a year. When we were ready for our IVF, I stopped the pills, but immediately started on Lupron injections, which put me into temporary, reversible menopause. Then, I started the stimulation injections. There is also a "long Lupron" protocol.

    Good luck to you and your husband. Baby dust!
    Me:35, DH:35, TTC 2 1/2 years, IVF 1: Twins due in June!!!
    joanne2640 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
    Hey! Thanks so much for this response. Great, I will talk to my doctor to see get birth control pills, this way, I don't have to worry about when to fly to the US and can just fly over whenever I want. Thanks so much!!!! This was very helpful! I really appreciate it.
    FrenchBulldogMom replied to joanne2640's response:
    Yeah, just talk to your doctor about whether you should be on the pills before you start the treatments. The way it was explained to me is, the RE likes to control your cycles so they can shut it down with the Lupron, then start the stimulation.
    Me:35, DH:35, TTC 2 1/2 years, IVF 1: Twins due in June!!!
    joanne2640 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
    Sorry, a quick question. How many days did you have to get lupron injections? Was it just 1 lupron shot for 1 day, then you started the fertility shots or did you have to get lupron for many days, like 10 days or something, before you started the fertility medication? Thanks soooo much again!!!
    FrenchBulldogMom replied to joanne2640's response:
    I think it was like 10 days or something like that. I actually started the stimulation meds (Bravelle and Menopur) while still on the last few days of Lupron. The good thing about the Lupron was that it is just a sub-q shot that I gave myself in the stomach with a tiny insulin needle. They didn't hurt at all.

    The stim shots did hurt, but as long as I used an ice pack on my upper thigh for about 5 minutes, the area was usually too numb for me to feel much pain.
    Me:35, DH:35, TTC 2 1/2 years, IVF 1: Twins due in June!!!
    joanne2640 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
    Thank you sooooo much! Thanks so much for your time and for answering. I will talk to my doctor next week, but this information REALLY helps! So thanks again!! Best wishes to you!

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