trying to understand my recent labwork, momma of 3 with PCOS ready to try for baby #4
DaniGirl1488 posted:
Hello, I have been battling the dreaded PCOS for 5 years now, although I'am lucky enough to have been able to conceive my youngest without help just a few weeks after my diagnosis, it has since gotten worse, no periods hardley ever...etc the first time they ran the tests the only thing they had to go on was the fact I had a pretty raised level of insulin, this time all the blood work shows all classic signs, but my curiousity lies in my FSH< LH and ESTD my NP really didint explain what these are and ive been researching some and wondering what my levels mean, my FSH is 7.6, my LH is 9.1 and myESTD is 48, are these good numbers for someone before meds are introduced, I will now be starting metformin, provera and thyroid medication to help get me back on track, just all so confusing!