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low number of follicles
acap107 posted:
I'm new to the community and started my stims on Sunday. I had my first ultrasound today, which only showed 7 follicles - 5 in one ovary (of varying sizes) and 2 in the other. To say I'm devastated is an understatement. They are hoping that they are all the same size on Monday. Has anyone experienced something similar with low follicle numbers? What did you do? Did you proceed with the transfer?

KL0124 responded:
Lurking from PAIF** Having a lower follicle count is tough. I had 9 follicles with 8 eggs retrieved. 5 fertilized and only 3 made it to transfer. Scary, huh? I'm now 16w pg with twins!nd everyone is healthy and growing well. it is completely possible to have a successful pg after lower follicle counts. Good luck!
Kris (30) DH (32) DD (4) 7 angels
10 total rounds of clomid, 2 of femara, and too many days of progesterone to count, 3 IUIs, IVF1 Twins!
acap107 replied to KL0124's response:

Thanks for replying and congratulations on your twins. That's wonderful and comforting to hear on this side of IVF.

It looks like we're going to take the leap and move forward, despite not having great follicle numbers, as the dr doesn't think we'd get many more if we let this cyclel pass and start another. So here's hoping most of my follicles make it all the way!

KL0124 replied to acap107's response:
Good luck moving forward. They will keep growing and it wil be great to hear your ER and fertilization numbers. 1 is all that is needed for a healthy baby. Try and keep focused on growing your baby instead of stressing out about the numbers you can't control. It's funny how women who don't struggle with IF don't stress about having 1 egg each month, but we stress about "only" having 7. When is ER scheduled?
Kris (30) DH (32) DD (4) 7 angels
10 total rounds of clomid, 2 of femara, and too many days of progesterone to count, 3 IUIs, IVF1 Twins!
nycaligrl1 responded:
acap, welcome to the journey & the board! haha Kris took the words right out of my mouth, It only takes 1 follicle to make an embryo & a baby! Keep your head up!

I only have 14 follicles at my last sono before Retrieval & then Retrieval day came and we ended up with 19 mature follicles! 15 of which fertilized! & we ended up with 9 embryos in the end (we transferred 1 & froze

This journey will mess with emotions that you never imagined you had. But just keep your eye on the end goal (baby in your arms) and it will work out how its supposed to
Me (31) DH (37) TTC 1 for 9 years
Ectopic with Rt tube loss 2003
MC @ 6 weeks 2005
9 IUI's - 6 clomid,3 stim all BFN
Took a 4 yr Mental break
IVF 1 June/July 2012 BFN :(
FET 1 Aug 2012
acap107 replied to nycaligrl1's response:
Thanks to both of you and your continued words of support and encouragement. Sorry I've not responded sooner, but last week was a busy/emotional week. Based upon the bloodwork, my doctor felt that there was probably only 1-2 eggs in the follicles, so DH and I decided to switch to an IUI cycle this month. It was my first round of shots and I wanted to see if perhaps another round would increase the number of follicles, that is if the IUI doesn't work first.
KL0124 replied to acap107's response:
How are you doing? While it's emotionally tough, it sounds like switching to an IUI is best this cycle. Hopefully you won't need to do another round of stims for an IVF cycle. Have you had your IUI yet? Good luck and baby dust!
Kris (30) DH (32) DD (4) 7 angels
10 total rounds of clomid, 2 of femara, and too many days of progesterone to count, 3 IUIs, IVF1 Twins!
cg022020 responded:
All you need is one good egg

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