Moe Blue and Vulnerable
livelaughmoe posted:
Hello, I've been on these boards for a few years now, and I see people come and go. I can't explain why I feel like this, but I feel all alone in this process. In this online support group and my local support group, everyone I knew and felt connected with has since left on into mother hood or pregnancy. Naturally this is part of the beautiful process, and i am so excited when i see a TRIGS, but i often wonder if i am meant to be a childless adult (which breaks my heart to say). Ive tried counseling once but being in the mental health profession myself, I didn't find her style to be helpful. She spent more time persuading me on the reasons to adopt.....boooo. How do other people deal with work and emotions? I just recently confided in my male boss, proposing a decrease in hours, so I can keep sane. Even though this isn't smart financially, im feeling like everything is just too much. Can someone help me interpret these sad/lonely feelings.
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att76 responded:
Moe, I hear how you feel. I have felt the same way for probably 6-9 months. I am now going on 2 years of trying with no results. Every time I read someone has gotten their BFP, I am happy for them, but part of me if jealous and wonders when I will get mine. I don't like feeling this way either. I am a teacher and work with kids everyday. I see parents who should not be parents and wonder why they are blessed to have children, but I (and the rest of us in this journey) can't. It doesn't make sense, but I try not to think about those people to much anymore! I don't think I am necessarily helping you, but just am happy that I am not the only one who thinks/feels this way. I have never been brave enough to write it on these boards and am happy that someone else feels the same way.

DH and I are taking some time off over the holidays. We will start back up in 2013 and it will probably be IVF.

I am sending you HUGS!!
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no1phillygirl responded:
Hi I have been on the boards for a long time. There were many that had done 1ivf had twins and moved on while I couldn't keep a pregnancy. I would be so happy for them but have my own little pity party. This is not an easy thing to deal with and I myself saw a therapist or two. I did 6 ivf cycles 2 of which were using egg donor and finally got my happy ending. Maybe you should get a 2nd opinion. 6 iui's seem like enough and maybe you have some issues that need to be looked into. A fresh start may be good. I still lurk because this was a huge part of my life for a long time. You are not alone. Please continue to use this site to vent. Virtual hug coming your way. Take care Marla
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