Symptoms after IVF
TipperFun28 posted:
I had my first IVF ET on Monday 3day transfer- they transfered an 8, 6, and 4 cell embie- the other 8 were all below 4 cells =( we have sever MFI- I have a 7yr old. I have been cramping and bloaty and nauseous- is this normal? I know alot of it is from the ER still- and I am on progesterone suppositories ( like all those shots werent bad enough) w/last nights dose I noticed a trace amount of blood on the applicator- but only a hint... I am not sure what I am looking for- Im just so SCARED this isnt going to take...and that everything is a sign...any advice?>?
mrs62610 responded:
Hi! I did IVF the end of January. We did a 3-day transfer and had only one "perfect" embryo. Even after the transfer I was super bloated and crampy and just pretty much felt all-around crappy. Several days after the transfer some of the bloating went away and I started to feel a little bit better, still had crampy twinges though. Then a couple days later the bloating came back and I felt crappy again and tired. This started 5-7 days post transfer. I am now 6 weeks 4 days pregnant!!! I knew the best thing to do was to stay busy (within reason) and to keep upbeat about it. I hope you have a good outcome as I think you will. Good luck and update me on how it turns out!
Me-25 DH-38 TTC 21 months. 3 rounds of Clomid, 5 rounds of Femara and 3 IUI's, all BFN's. Doing IVF. Egg Retrieval on 1/25, 1 Perfect 8 cell Embryo Transferred on 1/28! 1st Beta Feb. 11th!!
chin35 responded:
Hi TrippleFun28, that is good news, some thing to keep my spirit up, i am now getting those same feeling and is on my second week of trransfer. cant wait for monday to get my result.
chin35 replied to mrs62610's response:
Thats good to know am getting all the symptoms, I will now on seems like a life time..the 2 week on wondering.