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Are these signs I might have lymphoma? Really Worried!
Lillyray42 posted:
I am 20, female and have had a swollen lymph node in the left side of my neck for 6 months now that I found in December 2010. It can only be felt not seen. I finally went to my Dr. in April 2011 to have him check the node and he gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics, scheduled me for a chest X-ray and gave me a blood test which both came back normal. I went back two weeks later after I took my antibiotics and he told me the node shrunk, and he said that its a good thing and really might have been an infection. He then told me that we are going to watch that node and observe it for a month. So in june I went back to him and he told me that the lump is still there, however the node has gotten slightly bigger. So he then referred me to an ENT doctor who checked out the lymph node in my neck and he described the lymph node as firm, moveable, and a little tender. Sometimes the node hurts a little when I move it around and put too much pressure on it, or touch it at a certain angle. But most of the time its painless.

To make matter worse since my doctors appointment I found another lymph node on the left side of my collarbone and just recently found a lump behind my left ear near my hairline. All three of which can be felt, but not seen. The one in my collarbone is also moveable and causes pain in my collarbone area if I press on it too much and move it around too much, but I don't know about the texture. The lump behind my ear feels boney and is painless, but my ear does hurt a little, but no pus leakage. My doctors don't know yet about the two new ones I found, and my ENT is going to be doing a biopsy where he will be cutting the whole node out of my neck for a pathology test. What's going on at this point? I'm very worried and have been gaining alot of weight from the stress. I haven't been having any symptoms of lymphoma like night sweats, fever, fatigue, persistent cough, no chills, no weight loss (I have instead gained alot of weight from worrying so much), no flu like symptoms. In fact, I feel fine just allergies bugging me. My lymph nodes in the neck and collarbone feel about the size of half a dime and the lump behind me ear feels about dime size or half a nickel (not to sure). The lump behind my ear I think is very recent as I don't recall feeling it last month. The node in my collarbone may have been there since April 2011 now that I really think about it, but not sure.

I don't know if this helps, but I am also asthmatic and have ALOT of allergies mainly environmental. Any ideas what's going on? I tried to provide as much info as possible so I can get to the bottom of this.

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