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Waiting is agony...
Quincy44 posted:
I am a 40yr old female who has had symptoms of swollen glands, night sweats, low grade, fatigue and constantly getting sick for around 6months. My family dr has test me for all viral - mono, TB etc. I also have anemia (low iron) and my white blood count was high, but not out of range. I tested neg for Mono but positive for EBV past infection.
I go for a ct scan June 30 to see what lymph node is best for biopsy, I only thought I had the neck and armpit swollen lymphs. Since then I have noticed my groin and along my collar bone I feel them (I am overweight so it can be tricky to find them) My dr says this is just to rule out lymphoma and he thinks its something viral. Its only 9 days away but seems like an eternity. I have patiently been waiting since June 13. My hubby says if they were really concerned they would have gotten me in sooner. I am not usually a worrier - and am a go by my gut feeling (which is usually right!) I do not have a very good feeling about this and think it will be positive for lymphoma. Sorry not looking for any answers here - just voicing my concern as I don't want to freak out hubby. any responses are appreciated.
Is this similar to what anyone else has gone through?
Waiting and trying not to worry!

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