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Lump in neck
An_239776 posted:
I am 26yo female and recently discovered a lump a little larger than a pea in my neck between my jaw and collarbone on the right side only. It hurts to the touch and the area around it is sore..This past summer I had a bad ear infection but was given medication and it went away. A week ago my ears were on and off aching and today but jaw area started aching on both sides. I have been feeling extremely tired and fatigued the past few days as well but not sure if any of this is related..Also I typically get swollen lymph nodes whenever I'm sick but I never had anything that felt like this..You can somewhat see the lump on my neck. My grandma died from non-hodgkins lymphoma so thats why I'm concerned. if anyone can help please let me know. I dont have a doctors appointment til next week.
Quincy44 responded:
I am no expert! But have done a lot research on this topic since I have my swollen lymph nodes. Getting swollen lymph nodes while sick is normal. Its your nodes trying to fight the infection in your body. It is also "normal" for them to be sore during this fighting infection time. I have also read that sore nodes usually does not tend to be cancerous - on the the contrary - the non sore ones are the ones that concern dr more. Of course - see what your dr says - but hopefully that will ease your mind a bit!
prj5022 replied to Quincy44's response:
thanks for ur input! it definitly eased my mind and since posting originally the lump went down for the most part..i do believe i have a sinus infection which was causing the lymph nodes to become so swollen..i am going to a doctor to have that treated.

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