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I am desperate, I have no where else to ask for help.
goolar posted:
I have been battling with my health since TMJ came to my life in 2009. I was diagnosed with it in late 2010. But since late '10 I have been in constant war with my pains, lymph nodes and dehydration

Started with chest/breast pain I have been to many, many doctors and specialist and nothing. Cardiologist, Neurologist, GI's, General doctors, ER's...the list goes on. I'm 24 years old, female and have become depressed lately.

I discovered my 1st lymph node in summer of 2010, my doctor at that time said it was a cyst (concluded that because of my severe acne) so I believed her. she sent me to do an mri of my neck.. normal.

months went by and it went away, then it came back out in april of 2011. ever since only on my neck, my new doctor (at that time in april) said it was a viral infection put me on valtrex, the nodes went away (so i thought) I had an upper GI, xray, ct scan done on my chest and nothing. I got very dehydrated that year multiple times as well as hospitalized. during that year my stomach began to hurt, so I was setn to do a colonoscopy and endoscopy...even an ultrasound. normal... hida scan; normal

til this day my stomach is in pain, my chest, my left underarm, my neck gets stiff when the lymph nodes come back, recently been in really bad headaches and neck aches. my back is worst.... my legs get itchy and are dry, i get random feelings of itchy skin all over. doctors say its just anxiety. they have leaned on that since my heart has been on a rate of 140+ (three cardiologist checked me and said that my heart is healthy) doctors say it isnt lymphoma.though some in emergency have concerns they keep sending me back home. blood works come back normal too

i guess to relieve my worries they said many tmj patients get fibromyalgia... i dont know what to do or believe. i have been to so many doctors and i am so desperate i came here. i even went to los angeles for help ended back here in nyc...crying isnt an option since that wont help.

i feel breathless, fatigued. the nodes on my neck are there, steady... i dont know what to do. my doctor left her clinic left me a referral to see a hematologist in june 11...I was supposed to be seen in april but I got pushed back, twice.

i left my job and dropped a few classes because the pains are unbearable, the medications don't work and no one is helping me.

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