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Father just diagnosed with NHL
Holdol19 posted:
My dad was just diagnosed with NHL. I feel lost. I live 2 hours from him, and he doesn't have anyone to take care of him. Do I make him move in with me? How serious are the treatments? What can I be expecting down the road?! I haven't gotten to talk with his Drs yet, it's all so new. He had his tonsils removed, and they then told him he had a form of throat cancer, today they confirmed it was NHL. They were going ot start chemo today, but decided on doing a bone marrow test next week first...i'm scared. I feel like I may be just over reacting?! I need help.
reubenm responded:
First thing you need to consider is your concern for his health. Sounds like your very concerned. His age, his physical condition, his needs, etc. You need to Make time to include yourself in a visit to the Dr. with a list of questions. Stage of NHL, Severity, where the main cancer is and it's severity. etc. The bone Marrow test is essential in the correct diagnosis and type of treatment. with the new technology he has a very good chance of beating it. But First and Foremost, Be there, Make time, get the facts.
I have NHL, specifically B-Cell Follicular NHL. It was found in a tumor that was wrapped around my Spine and choking off the nerve column. They did rad treatmenst along with chemo treatments together. I will find out at the end of Jan. what the results of the treatment are. Through it all I did great and did not need any extra care. My Family checked on me daily and went to all the initial Dr. visits and asked alot of questions. I Hope and Pray that your Dad will conquer this and come through it all with Flying colors.

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