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Do I have Lymphoma? Please help!
An_255823 posted:

I am a male (45 years of age) and I have developed a number of symptoms during the past 2 months following a major anxiety attack. Here are the symptoms and timelines:

==2 years ago till now==
- Developed hard stool (constipation). However I have been visiting the bathroom at least 4-5 times a week but it is always a very hard stool. One month per year the hard stool became extremely difficult to pass (sometimes took me 45 min in the bathroom!)
- I have a long history of having a fatty liver with elevated ALT (ranging from 45 to 72 U/L)
- I have a long history of elevated CRP (4)
- My triglyceride level has recently been elevated, in the range of 2.9 to 4.9 mmol/L
- My blood pressure is always in the higher normal sides (140/95 mmHg)

==2 months ago, following a major anxiety, which last for 2 months==
- Low-grade fever
- Flushing in my ears, hot red ears
- Sever pain in my feet, I couldn't walk for 1 day
- Disturbed sleep

==6 weeks ago==
- A high fever for 3 days (possibly from flu)
- A semi productive cough
- Muscle in my feet and hand started to get tight
- Sever numbness in my hands and feet, specially during nights
- Burning sensations in my legs and hands
- Elevated CRP (9) and ESR (25)
- Low-grade fever continued
- Excessive sweating day and night
- I became pre-diabetes (blood sugar at 123 mg/dl and 5.9 mmol/L)
- Two red rashes appeared in my palms (please see the below pictures):
- My temperature and blood pressure increased when I sit and decreased when I stand up
- Red hot ears continued, usually started with the right ear and then left, last for 1-2 hours
- My ears continued to remain hot throughout my night sleep and go to normal as soon as I wake up. Sometimes I feel pain sleeping on them and sometimes no pain.
- Loss of appetite, lost 5-6 kg (10-12 lbs), possibly due to eating less
- Stomach started growling all day and all night long
- Sensitivity of the skin to pressure and touch, became temporarily red when scratched

== My current symptoms==
- Two red rashes are still there
- The hot ears are still persisting, the upper section gets hot and normally the ear lob remains cold
- Profuse sweating during day and night. At night I only get sweating in my head and shoulders. My pillow gets wet but not drenching wet.
- I feel discomfort in my upper right abdomen, where my liver is
- I continue getting stomach growling all day long, no matter if I have eaten or not. I feel the sounds are mostly coming from my upper right abdomen area
- I still have persisting coughs and I have voice hoarseness after 6 weeks
- My CRP/ESR levels fluctuates: CRP between 6 and10 and ESR between 15 and 35
- I still have tingling feeling and burning sensation in my hands during night, but not sever
- I have some mild joint pain and muscle tightness
- I feel less energized than before
I have been tested negative for: Mono, TB, Hepatitis, and HIV with normal CBC, liver enzymes (except for ALT), urine culture, TSH, testosterone, and vitamins.
What I am worried about is the possibility of having lymphoma.

Please evaluate my symptoms and let me know your assessment.

Thank you
ionut1968 responded:
I hope everything goes better with you. I just want to send you a message of hope and courage. I had Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, i had 2% chances to live and now i am cured.
Please pray and have trust in God. I have shared my story at

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