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Janie704 posted:
I was given a couple of wigs, one of which was quite pretty. But it wasn't me and frankly, those things are scratchy and uncomfortable. Talking to other women, I found out that they can cause scalp problems that take a while without the wigs to heal.

I was never quite sure what was the reason for hiding a bald head, anyway. I'm not the possessor of the world's most beautifully shaped head, but so what? I wasn't embarrassed to be fighting cancer, either. I think it's an excellent chance to help other people to understand about it. I found that when I went around bald, people were more likely to ask me if I was getting chemo, and when I smiled and told them yes, they felt more free to ask about the effects of it. So many people have heard that there's nothing worse than chemo and radiation, they're afraid to have their cancers treated when they have it. I try to talk to as many people about that as I can. I didn't find my N-H lymphoma until stage 4 (common, I think), but I can't think of anything more worthwhile that the treatment--including a stem-cell transplant. So, no wigs for me. Janie704
sharpeimom4 responded:
Hi Janie -

I'm with you! Wigs were never something I seriously considered. Scarves, bandanas & hats do nicely. I'm getting more comfortable with going out with just my bald head (I call it my Mrs. Potato-Head look). Still, it has been hard for me to get used to or ignore the stares. Know I should not care...

You are absolutely right, there are so many horror stories out there about chemo & radiation. Right again, I am so very grateful for chemo (haven't graduated to radiation yet) and can't think of anything more worthwhile!

Thanks so much for your thoughts...bald IS beautiful!

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