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To wig or not to wig?
karenrugs posted:
That is your preference. I choose not to wig. For one, wigs are expensive and after trying to budget for a huge co-pay to the oncologist, there wasn't a lot of dollars left over for frivolous things like wigs.

Of course, I would want more than one. Why? Don't know. But after looking at several catalogs, I couldn't make up my mind. As if I could.

Scarfs and bandanas come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some are wildly bold and some plain. Some are expensive and some pretty cheap.
Take your pick. Most of mine are in the range of cheap chic.


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sharpeimom4 responded:
It is your preference & I also chose from the very beginning not to wig. I'm relying on scarves, bandanas and hats. Have to tell you as time has gone on I've gotten a bit more comfortable with going "natural."

Bottomline, go with what YOU are comfortable with!


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