Utrasound and kidney dimensions
deanne65 posted:
I had a look at my kidney ultrasound results last night, and noticed that my left kidney is slightly smaller than my right. My left kidney measures at about 9.4 in length x 5.4x 5cm and 1.4 cortex, while the right measures at 10.1x 3.4x 5cm, with cortex measuring 1.1 cm. I have read that anything under 8 cm in length for an adult should be cause for concern, as well as a difference of more than 1.5 between the two kidneys.
The notes on my US did not mention anything about shrinkages, however, it seems that this kidneys do show some significant difference (in width?). Would pathological shrinkage be noticed by, say cortex thickness discrepency? Maybe I am just having a hard time believing I might not have kidney damage from heavy metal toxicity. which I am now chelating to remove.
john-skpt responded:
First: kidneys are never identical in size. The right is almost always smaller due to the space taken up by the liver.

That said, your dimensions don't sound at all unusual. There might be a slight difference in arterial blood flow to the left kidney (if this was a Doppler US, that should have been seen.)

But if the blood test results seem within range, it's probably just a normal anatomical variation.