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Anyone with neonatal hydronephrosis (since from birth)UPJ obstruction.Hows is the condition now after 20-30 years
sarika456 posted:
Hi All

I will be really helpful to you guys if anyone shares their experience having same problem like my son .I am actually very tensed about my son who has bilateral hydronephrosis(UPJ obstruction)since from his birth.His kidneys are working at 46% LK and 54% rk. He has no reflux .Right now doctors are mintitoring him with some regular scans but they say they cant say exactly what can happen in future for him.
From you all i want to know that whossover had UPJ obstruction since from birth how are they now?did it improve or do you have any problems now after 20-30 years and if operated are u ok now.Just curious to know the future of such pateints and also wants to know what precautions i can take to protect my child.
Thanks in advance
Deefuentes responded:
My son's story is similar. He is 8 now but I can offer what I know as of now. He had a robotic assisted laparoscopic pyeloplasty in May 2011. Since then, he has played tackle football and runs track. He has seen his specialist and had an ultrasound every 6 months because the hydro has still been there. This past week, he started having pain and nausea. After an ER trip, it looks like his hydronephrosis on the left has not changed at all since surgery. At this point, I am waiting forhis Dr from Children's Hospital to review the ER results. Next step will probably be another renal scan to determine if there is an obstruction new or the same. From my understanding and the reason we had the surgery is because once the symtpoms start, they only get worse. You already have one kidney that shows is working harder and will continue to do so as the function in the left decreases. Good luck to you. I hope I didn't freak you out completely.

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