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    Ongoing symptoms, indecision on next step
    deanne65 posted:
    I have been steadily chelating for the past three months, with DMSA (using a "low and slow" protocol approach, the Cutler method), and have noticed some modest gains in health. However, I have been experiencing ongoing symptoms that are leaving me feeling uneasy. I have been having nearly daily flank aches, quesiness, and fatigue, although I cannot say that my kidney function has shown any decline in the past few months.
    My present option is to wait it out, and to see what ongoing chelation treatment will do for my overall health (I have high lead and mercury levels, as measured by a provocation urine test). My blood pressure is still good, and my weekly urinalysis strip test shows no measurable protein or blood, although I cannot rule out microalbuminia.
    I have noticed that I bruise quite easily, even without bumping up against something. Is the latter common among those with kidney damage? I suspect that I have low levels of anti-oxidants in my bloodstream, which might explain my slow healing and easy bruising.
    I don't have the money to go to a nephrologist, especially if I am to discover that my kidney function remains constant. Moreover, the Veterans Administration clinic, where I have recently had my blood drawn, is not willing to do follow up tests or to refer me to a specialist. All I can do is just wait it out?
    john-skpt responded:
    Is the DMSO self-administered, or prescribed by a physycian? What is the reason for taking it, metal exposure, toxic substance exposure? When have you had a panel of basic blood tests performed to check body systems for early signs of damage or dysfunction? Is the DMSO product USP certified or not?

    No answers, just questions, but I think important ones to at least consider.
    deanne65 replied to john-skpt's response:
    I am taking DMSA, not DMSO. I am following a protocol that has been formulated by a world famous chemist in the area of chelation. I am taking a tablet ever three to four hours, so as to keep blood levels constant. A basic blood panel was run in early March, and electrolyte, BUN, creatinine, and general liver panel were covered, all showing nothing exceptional. My doctor at the VA has no knowledge of chelation, but did not have any reservations over my protocol.
    john-skpt replied to deanne65's response:
    OK, sorry for my misread of your initial post.

    I have had Technicium-99 (same thing really) as an adjunct to a radio-isotope stress test, and suffered no ill effects; however I have to note that in my case it was one, single dose, for the purpose of getting the radio-isotope to concentrate in the heart muscle long enough to do the scans.

    DMSA does concentrate in the renal cortex within two hours of administration. It essentially does not like to hang out in the blood stream; very very short half-life.

    I have no experience with repeated self-administration of this drug.

    I also instantly question the credentials of anyone who claims to be "world-famous" and does not cite any training, degrees, hospital affiliations, board certifications, or peer-reviewd publications. So I think that you might be putting your health at risk in the hands of a charlatan, or at least throwing good money after bad.

    But I think that you cannot find any reputable sources to either confirm or dismiss your symptoms.
    deanne65 replied to john-skpt's response:
    You are obviously very well read on kidney issues, and the knowledge and experience you have shared has been very helpful. I have left no stone unturned, in my quest for answers. I made no mention of anyone claiming himself to be world famous, however, in my case, being poisoned by lead and mercury, and having come to recognize the unmistakeable signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, there is no other way that I will hope to better my health, let alone save my life. I have not turned my back on medicine, I have redoubled my pursuit of same! The devil is in the details, no doubt, but it is a course that has been most carefully researched and scrutinized. Andrew Cutler does not stand to gain a fortune from his work on Heavy metal chelation, and the publishing of his book on amalgam illness. The science is irrefutable, so I believe the risk to be minimal, compared to the risks of doing nothing at all. Again, thanks for your insights and knowledge, nonetheless.
    john-skpt replied to deanne65's response:
    Lead and mercury are very valid reasons for undergoing chelation; I'd still do it only under genuine medical supervision, since there are time-frames that apply to the metabolism of various elements, and I'd hate to see potential over-treatment either do little good because of the time elapsed since metals exposure, or else do some harm because of the duration of treatment.

    I refuse to self-medicate, because I've run across some allegedly 'harmless' or 'natural' treatments have untoward side effects.

    Just please be careful.
    deanne65 replied to john-skpt's response:
    As you have already gathered, I am very concerned about the ill effects of the metals staying in my body. Chelation therapies, as practiced by way of IV pushes, can be extremely dangerous, and having amalgams in one's mouth can compound this danger. Heavy metal contamination and its related diseases is very much under reported, and few physicians are aware of the ramifications of chronic, long-term toxicity of HMs in the body.
    I have found a protocol that minimizes the risks associated with chelation, as it is a slow and low approach to chelation, with the use of supplements to replace minerals leeched out during consecutive days of treatment. The balance is to maintain chelator in the bloodstream, never letting levels drop during the three days on cycle (every three to four hours for DMSA dosage).
    You are right, I cannot find any reputable source to confirm or deny my HM contamination. Most naturopaths who deal with chelation therapies, go for high and infrequent dosaging, which runs the risk of potential harm to the patient, by way of redistribution of metals to vulnerable parts of the body. I suspect that I have CNS and other organ system issues. Only time on chelation will tell if I come through this whole. Thanks for your impute, John.

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