Ongoing Polyuria and vague symptoms
deanne65 posted:
I have been having issues with polyuria for well over a year now. As I have already mentioned in an earlier post, I discovered that I have both mercury and lead toxicity issues and have undertaken a chelation protocol, which my new pcp has okayed.
It seems that for every 8-12 ounce glass of water I drink, I must urinate twice that! My urine is often very light colored, and my specific gravity, which I measure once every couple of weeks, is still rather low.
I am having another MRI to see if my pituitary microadenoma has not enlarged. I have been having constant fatigue and headaches and eyesight issues, which are not too bad, but nonetheless daily. If my urination issues are not neurogenic, then, as it has been suggested, I might have tubule damage, the extent of which I have no clue.
I have had numerous "standard" kidney tests (EGFR, creatinine, CrCL, ultrasound, etc.), and my nephrologist never called me back to voice his concerns.
However, my ongoing heavy urination (maybe 10-12 times daily) concerns me, as I am not sure from whence the condition arises. As I continue to chelate, so I have read, my heavy metal symptoms will lessen or even disappear. I am sure that heavy metal is the root cause of my present polyuria; I just don't know if it is neurogenic or nephrogenic.
If I check out negative on the MRI, what might be my next step? Resignation? A wait and see attitude?