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white coat syndrome
Anon_12802 posted:
I have had Kidney Disease for over 40 yrs. I was diagnosed when i was 19. I remember the day sitting in the Drs. office and overhearing the nurses comment and i quote "If she doesn't watch her blood pressure she won't live to see 30"..Back then i panicked and to this day when i go into the Dr. my bp goes thru the roof. I do have hbp but when i'm at home its normal..My Dr. has made me wear a cuff for 24 hrs and that came back very normal..Lowest reading was 90/50 in the middle of the night..When i go to any DR. it has gone as high as 170/100..Scares me to death..What can i do to stop this? Any suggestions would be helpful.
john-skpt responded:
I think that this happens to most of us, to one degree or another.

I can't think of many solutions other than taking an anti-anxiety pill a few hours before you go, but that seems a bad idea in the long run since the med might mask other symptoms that are important.

Hypnosis exercises or yoga practices might help but would really require a lot of dedication. It's your brain not your heart that is causing this.

The most important thing, I think, is to be certain that your doc remembers that this has been a pattern for you, and especially let any new docs know that you are affected by this syndrome so that they don't think that you have extreme blood pressures all the time.

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