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Confused and worried but no symptoms
Thamann2000 posted:
Ok long story short. I went in for my normal yearly checkup. My doctor got abnormal reading for my protein and blood in my urine. The blood was an error thank god and six urine draws since then haven't confirmed that, but the protein in the urine was not an error. It has persisted and is now a condition I have called persistent proteinuria. After multiple tests, my readings had gone from 300units(forgot the unit measurements) to 150 to 50 to now the last two times trace. I'd like to add that I suffer from bad teeth, and at the time this began I was taking antibiotics at two separate times. I also at one point was taking Motrin and Tylenol for pain at regular intervals for about 7-10 days. A month ago I went in and met with a nephrologist who drew more blood, more urine, ordered a kidney and bladder ultrasound. Ultrasound was 100% normal. Leading up to the test I had taken no Tylenol or Motrin for about two full weeks. I gave up red bulls and worked on keeping my blood pressure low(I'm clinically obese based on bmi). I got six or seven test results. Of about 100 readings 98 came out within normal range or negative resulted. Two flags appeared, serum c3 which is normal for adults between 90-180 mg/dl and gamma globulin which has a normal range of 0.6-1.6 g/dl was 1.9 for me. researching online it didn't sound like lupus but did show as a condition of renal failure or cancer. I'm hoping at best it was a temp condition that has passed or is passing through my system. I'm hoping at worst that if it is something really bad that it's early. My blood pressure is down to around 130/86 so still high. Maybe it's the culprit. Anyone have any idea?
john-skpt responded:
Hard to say with any certainty. I'd probably worry about a urine protein count that was over 150 mg/day (you need to be very careful about how the results are expressed: some are mg/dL, some are mg/day, or a whole other set of units.)

The gamma globulin and C3 complement protein generally indicate some sort of inflammation going on somewhere in the body, like fighting an infection, etc. It really could be anything, so the doc needs to interpret that along with any other symptoms seen at the time.

The high blood pressure might be the culprit, and the motrin doesn't help. What you need to remember is that if the BP is the cause, then controlling the BP will generally lessen the progression of the condition, but it probably won't reverse it. Once BP (or medications, or some other disease) has weakened the glomeruli of the kidneys, they will continue to 'leak' protein. The goal then become preventing progression. A damanged glomerulus can't be repaired, you just have to lessen future damage.

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