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Kidney problem, or something else?
An_246203 posted:
Ive had blood in my urine since May, and I was told by my doctor it was either a kidney infection or kidney stones, gave me antibiotics and said have a nice day, and pray its not stones.

A month later, I saw blood in my urine again, so I changed doctors and went in. This doctor actually tested the blood and found no white blood cells, so she ruled out kidney infection.

She ordered a CT scan to see if I had any stones. The results came back today, and I have no stones. My lymph nodes were enlarged and she scheduled me for a CT scan with contrast in a week.

Im confused, becase I didnt think I had any lymph nodes around my kidneys, but she saw them in the scan...

Im not really sure what to think, but besides the constant back pain (not nearly as bad as kidney infection pain...more like a constant ache) Ive got nothing telling me there is something wrong with my kidneys.

Ive got no clue what shes checking for in her next CT scan, but as far as I know, my kidneys should be in the clear?

Anyone know more about this than I do and would like to share their knowledge?
john-skpt responded:
There are lymph nodes and lymph vessels all over the body; the lymphatic system is as pervasive as the circulatory system. It's just that you can only feel the ones close to the surface in certain areas like neck, armpits, groin, etc.

The doc could be looking for several things, but one of these might be some sort of inflammatory or autoimmune reaction that is affecting the kidneys (and the lymph system).

Unfortunately there are literally hundreds of things that might cause visible (or invisible) blood in urine, so it may be a matter of time and of trial and error to exclude enough of them to get a logical diagnosis.

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