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Off & On Kidney pain
Bookat57 posted:
About 5-6 years ago I went through lithotripsy 4 times within 18 months. Since then I've passed smaller stones off and on. I'm worried because every few months or so I have kidney pain that no one seems able to explain. My former doctor, former being the key word, said there was no way and I was lying.

I've had a kidney infection once and a UTI. Anyone have ideas as to why the continuing pain? I'm wondering if they might be sensitive due to the "blasting".
Dang that hurts!
ccrosthwaite54 responded:
Don't know if you still watch this sight, but you could be suffering from what is called "renal colic".
I had three lithotripsies in six months time. Also had two blockages, a stent inserted to relieve first blockage, two lithotripsies, stent removed, then another blockage. Finally was declared to be just about stone free. Had two small stones 4 & 5 mm left in the lower pole of my kidney. That was in December 2013. By April of 2014, I was declared stone free and have remained so. I had read about drinking at least half my weight in water or lemonade. I also started Theralith XR which changes the chemical balance in the kidney. I have calcium oxalate stones. I still experience some pain in my kidney. When I spoke to my APRN, she told me it could very well be renal colic. I think it takes a while for the kidney to "heal" after the lithotripsies are done. My urologist hasn't told me this, but it does make sense. I had told him that the day of the lithotripsies aren't bad, but a day or two later it feels like you've been run over by a mac truck or the loser in a fight where someone kicked the crap out of your back and kidney. Think about it, how would the doctor know what it feels like, if they have never experienced the procedure!

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