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    kidney wall thinning
    M0mma1985 posted:
    have had multiple urinary tract infections throughout my life adn a cpl that have gone into my kidneys. i have had stones in the past now with this past uti they sent me for an ultrasound and said my kidney walls are thinning and they will set me up with a urologist. should i be overly concerned at this point????
    john-skpt responded:
    "Wall" isn't really a standard anatomical term; they might have been talking about the "renal capsule", the outermost layer, which is a fairly tough layer of fibrous tissue that contains the other layers of the kidney.

    What I suspect they are talking about is thinning of the "renal cortex" a highly vascular layer that contains most of the filtering apparatus of the kidney.

    Cortical thinning tends to indicate some reduction in blood flow, or normal aging, or in some cases damage from repeated infection, or perhaps even exposure to certain drugs.

    I'd ask the radiologist for a more detailed description, or ask the urologist to review the radiology report and tell you EXACTLY what it says.
    M0mma1985 replied to john-skpt's response:
    yes my pcpc still hasn't set up the urologist appt she said it can take up to 2 weeks to set these appts up which i think is crap. I uused to work in a medical office and when abnormal results come in we would call the specialists that same day to set up appts for pts. well thank you very much for this info. hopefully its nothing for mine and my childrens sake:) have a great weekend

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