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INfo please:
Anon_10343 posted:
My doctor did a ctscan for some other problems and it was found that I have adrenal adenoma, what is this, she said it is small spots on my kidney, my aunt died with adrenal cancer and my dad had cancer on the outside of his kidney, she said they suggested another ctscan in 3 months and keep and eye on it, should I be very concerned? I have no clue about this and am so upset over it. she said the spots were small but that I do have a fibroid and this could be some of my problems..
john-skpt responded:
Adenomas are defined as benign; malignant lesions are defined as adenocarcinomas.

Sometimes an adenoma can eventually become malignant, so for that reason adenomas are usually monitored periodically to be sure that nothing is changing rapidly.

And they can appear in various areas: stomach, kidney, pituitary, almost anywhere. Get more info from your doc.
Anon_10343 replied to john-skpt's response:
had my ct scan sent to my gynecologist because of the bleeding i was having and since the scan revealed a fibroid, which i have had for years, which is still there, anyway, my regular doctor said i had a uti so she gave me antibiotics and i havve had bleeding since taking them and havent had bleeding because i have been in menopause for over two years, anyway my gynocologist called today and said she received the scan and that i have an adrenal mass and the problems rent gynecology related, and i should follow up with my doctor, my regular doctor didnot say adrenal mass so i will see her and see if i can find out what is true she also said something with my spleen, i have had pain on my left and back for weeks
john-skpt replied to Anon_10343's response:
The spleen is on the left but it is fairly high up in the abdomen, above the kidneys and behind and to the left of the stomach. It can become enlarged for a lot of reasons: infection, physical trauma, just a lot of things.

Try not to confuse "adrenal" with "adenoma". They are two totally different things (although I suppose one could have an adenoma on or near the adrenal gland). Adrenals are rather small structures more or less on top of the kidney itself. They are glandular tissue, and sometimes have benign masses associated with them, things that are mostly vessels and fatty tissue; there are also some cancerous masses that attach to adrenals.

You need to follow up with the doc to see what the best recommendation is.
Anon_10343 replied to john-skpt's response:
Thanks, my regular doctor is sending me to a endocrinologist, I donot no what this type doctor is, but, since hearing that I had a aunt on my dad's side that actually died with adrenal cancer and that my dad had a kidney removed due to cancer on the outside of one of his kidneys she feels it is best to go this route, thanks for all the info.
john-skpt replied to Anon_10343's response:
Endocrinologists handle most things having to do with glandular tissue, so the adrenal glands are in that specialty. That's probably the best place to go next.

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