concernwifeandmom posted:
My husband's doctor told him that he has calcium in his urine and that hhis kidneys are average what does that mean.
john-skpt responded:
An abundance of calcium in urine might or might not cause trouble, it could make formation of kidney stones easier, but depending on the other elements in the urine, the urine pH and a few other factors, stones are not a foregone conclusion.

It could be caused by an excessive consumption of calcium (or supplements), but it could also come about because of different metabolic differences. You'd need to look at blood tests and urine tests together to sort of figure out why the calcium is elevated (hypercalciuria).

"Average" is frankly a meaningless term. The doc might have meant "average" in the sense of "not great" but he might have meant "average" in the sense of "not too bad for your age". Ask the doc what "average" REALLY signifies.