What to ask
An_246837 posted:
I was resently diagnosid with Diverticolits. After see the CT scan the radiologist found a cystic mass on the right kidney and suggested a follow up MRI. Well, I have done the MRI & went in for the reults. Short of it is there is a 4x3x4cm nodule on upper pole of right kidney. Classified as a Bosniak 3. I now have an appointment with an Urologist. The doctor is assuming will need to have the nodule removed & biopsied due to the size instead of just biopsied. I am trying to figure out what questions to ask. I have done what research I can to understand what is going on, but I still really dont know. My mind is racing as my brother i law passed away 5 years ago from Kidney Cancer. However with his, it was not found until he had a softball size tumor on his right kidney. By that time it spread. Thank you.